CNG Hoses


  • Tube: Specially-compounded oil resistance NBR-Black
  • Reinforcement: One braid of high-tenacity yarn
  • Cover: Oil and ozone resistance NBR- Black
  • Working Temperature: From -40° C to +100° C continuous operation
  • Main Applications: These hoses are intended to be used on motor vehicles, 2-wheeler, and construction equipment (CEV) as a flexible, low-pressure CNG fuel system components having service pressure not exceeding 21.5 Bar
  • CAUTION: This is not to be used in:
    • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel system components located upstream of and in vaporizer
    • Fuel containers
    • Stationary gas engines
    • CNG fuel systems for marine craft propulsion. Conforms to SAE J30 R6 and IS 15722 specifications.
  • Size Range: ¼ to 1 inches