Wrap Molded Hexagonal V-Belts

(Also called Double Angle or Double-Sided Belts)

Top DriveTM Belts are built to the highest standards from the best materials available, using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and conforming to international standards such as BS3790, JIS, RMA and DIN.


  • Hexagonal Belts, as the name implies, are hexagonal in cross-section — basically, two Classical V-Belt sections joined together along their top sides, the top belt being inverted.
  • The Hexagonal Belts consist of layers of rugged cord reinforcement located in the middle of the belt section. There is a jacket wrapped around the belt. The area above and below the cords consists of a base rubber compound.
  • The Hexagonal Belt can drive on both sides and consequently be used to drive a number of devices with the drive path having reverse bends. This type of drive is also called a “serpentine drive.”
  • The sudden direction changes in belt travel puts unique stresses and demands on the belt carcass and structure, and such loads are reliably handled by these anti-static and oil-resistant belts.
  • Primarily used in agricultural and textile applications.
  • Top Drive Belts are carefully crafted to the precise length, eliminating the need for matching of belts. Our unique process for heat stretching and length stabilizing ensures that belts stay matched, not only in storage but, more significantly, “on the drive.”
  • Top Drive’s superior performance has been conclusively proven on test rig runs as well as in field trials. This means reduced downtime and increased productivity for our customers.

Part Category

AA, BB, CC Top Drive alpha-numeric designations for Hexagonal belts are double letters that denote their cross sections, i.e. AA, BB, CC etc.