Synchronous Belts

    • Trapezoidal Timing Belts
    • Synchronous High Torque Drive (HTD) Belts
    • Dual-Sided Timing Belts
    • Dual-Sided Synchronous Belts

Top DriveTM Belts are built to the highest standards from the best materials available, using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and conforming to international standards such as BS3790, JIS, RMA and DIN.


  • All four timing belt varieties in the Top Drive Synchronous Belt range offer outstanding quality and performance in their respective categories.
  • The original Trapezoidal Timing Belt cog cross-section has undergone considerable development, culminating first in the introduction of High Torque Drive (HTD) belts with a curvilinear tooth profile, thus allowing the strength of high tensile load-bearing cords to be fully utilized.
  • The shape of precisely spaced teeth gives more uniform stress distribution and allows higher overall loading. The tooth root lines lie substantially on the pitch line, thus circular pitch is not altered while flexing.

Part Category

XL, L, H, XH, XXH Alpha-numeric designation for Trapezoidal Timing Belts
5M, 8M, 14M Alpha-numeric designation for Synchronous High Torque Drive (HTD) Belts
D405L100, D240H150 Alpha-numeric designation for Dual-Sided Timing Belts
D720-8M-50, D2100-14M-85 Alpha-numeric designation for Dual-Sided Synchronous Belts