Classical Wrap Molded V-Belts

Top DriveTM Belts are built to the highest standards from the best materials available, using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and conforming to international standards such as BS3790, JIS, RMA and DIN.


  • The specially designed polyester-cotton blended fabric jacket is impregnated with polychloroprene synthetic rubber. This imparts superior flexibility and better traction, as well as resistance to cracking and premature wear. These materials also ensure that belts are oil and heat-resistant and retain antistatic properties.
  • The High Modulus Low Stretch (HMLS) polyester cords enable the belts to carry higher horsepower loads with minimum stretch, resulting in better belt stability and fewer take-up adjustments.
  • The stiff-yet-flexible, crack-resistant base is made out of specially compounded polymers that ensure uniform load transfer to cords, thus preventing power loss and premature belt failure.
  • Top Drive Belts are carefully crafted to the precise length, eliminating the need for matching belts. Our unique process for heat stretching and length stabilizing ensures that belts stay matched, not only in storage but, more significantly, “on the drive.”
  • Top Drive’s superior performance has been conclusively proven on test rig runs as well as in field trials. This means reduced downtime and increased productivity for our customers.

Metric Raw Edge Cogged V-Belt

Part Category

A, B, C, D, E Alpha-numeric designations
K Also available with aramid cord, which is designated by “K” added to the end of the part number