Classical Raw-Edge Cogged V-Belts

Top DriveTM Belts are built to the highest standards from the best materials available, using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and conforming to international standards such as BS3790, JIS, RMA and DIN.


  • Top Drive Classical Raw-Edge Cogged V-Belts do not have fabric wrapping on the sides as found on comparable wrapped belts, hence the term, “raw edge.”
  • The top layer features specially woven poly-cotton fabric that imparts ozone resistance and, therefore, better resistance to flex crack development.
  • The molded cogged underside of these belts adds flexibility and reduces heat build-up in belts and pulleys.
  • Other belt properties include:
    • Excellent traverse rigidity
    • Precision length stability
    • Power ratings up to 30% greater than Wrapped V-Belts
    • Very little slippage in operation
    • Energy loss reduced to an absolute minimum

Part Category

AX, BX, CX Alpha-numeric designations
K Also available with aramid cord, which is designated by “K” added to the end of the part number