Banded V-Belts

  • Banded Classical Wrap Molded V-Belts
  • Banded Narrow Wrap Molded V-Belts
  • Banded Classical Raw-Edge Cogged V-Belts
  • Banded Narrow Raw-Edge Cogged V-Belts

Top DriveTM Belts are built to the highest standards from the best materials available, using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and conforming to international standards such as BS3790, JIS, RMA and DIN.


  • TOP DRIVE Banded V-Belts consist of multiple belts of standard cross sections (Classical or Narrow Wedge) that are joined together at the top to form a band.
  • Since the belts have a common top band, it is effectively a single belt, therefore, the potential problem of matching individual belts on a multiple belt drive application is not present.
  • Banded belts provide effective damping of vibrations such as those encountered in reciprocating drives (reciprocating compressors or engine-driven equipment).
  • Example applications:
    • Harvester combines
    • Surface miners
    • Wood processing equipment
    • Construction machines
  • Top Drive’s superior performance has been conclusively proven on test rig runs as well as in field trials. This means reduced downtime and increased productivity for our customers.

Part Category

J The prefix “J” denotes “Joined” in the Top Drive alpha-numeric banded belts numbering system. It is followed by the quantity of joined belts and the alpha designation for their cross sections. For example, a band comprised of 3 belts of B-81 will be designated as 3JB-81 and a band of 4 belts of 5V3150 would be 4J5V3150, etc.
K Also available with aramid cord, which is designated by “K” added to the end of the part number