JK Fenner Earns 2024 Vendor of the Year from AutoZone

AutoZone awarded JK Fenner the 2024 Vendor of the Year, the highest vendor honor from the company. JK Fenner (known as JKF Americas in North America) is a leader in mechanical power transmission products and was praised for providing outstanding customer service, prioritizing customers, and executing flawlessly, while entering into a new business at AutoZone’s request. JK Fenner invested in new tools and equipment, adopted new processes, increased their capacity, and started the production process to ensure products would be ready and available for customers. As an AutoZone partner, JK Fenner demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering the best merchandise at the right price without disruption to our stores and customers.

“Our 2024 Vendor of the Year, JK Fenner, and all our Vendor Summit award winners exemplified our pledge and values. They worked together, created new solutions, and helped AutoZone achieve its goals,” said Bill Hackney, Executive Vice President, Merchandising, Marketing and Supply Chain, Customer Satisfaction.

“All of us at JK Fenner and JKF Americas are delighted to have been awarded the Vendor of the Year by our valued customer, AutoZone. We are committed to continue our efforts to ensure that our customer is happy and satisfied,” said Mohan Seshadri, President of JKF Americas.