World Class Support

JKF Americas is supported by a dedicated state-of-the-art Research and Development facility for validation and development of innovative and targeted solutions for our customers.

Our management leadership coordinates all material development, validation, product design, product development, operating simulations, and design validations.

Our highly qualified and experienced R & D team forms the backbone of success for JKF Americas.

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Leveraging Global Knowledge Across Markets

This scientific approach helps our customers find solutions, and often enables them to be first to market launch. These solutions cover new projects as well as dealing with the challenge of enhancing performance and efficiency of existing products. Our goal is to leverage technology and innovation capabilities to generate distinct value through new, improved products with a competitive edge.

Design Capabilities
Proficiency in Material Development
CAE Capability
Program Management

  • Flexible design expertise with experience in all aspects of product design
  • In-house design team working on CAD models from concept to launch
  • Designing performance products and systems that meet the highest standards of quality and bring exceptional value propositions to our customers

  • In-house expertise and experience on wide varieties of rubber compounding, as defined by industry
  • Best-in-class analytical and experimental laboratory dedicated to material development
  • Collaborative development with our global material suppliers and customers in achieving advancement in materials
  • Continuous improvement on material technology to fulfil environmental regulation and progress towards “green chemistry”

Product design and simulation is constantly upgraded by the JKF Americas’ R & D team to virtually optimize product and system design. This helps in scientifically proving the concepts and reducing the time for prototype validation and iterations.

  • A dedicated team working on analysis with the latest software for linear and non-linear materials
  • Use of complex techniques leveraging its CAD, FEA, MBD, CFD and fatigue analysis to ensure development of products and systems within the minimum possible time, meeting demanding quality, durability and safety requirements

All the products developed are validated in simulated actual service conditions to achieve the built-in design reliability.

  • 83 test rigs custom built for all applications to simulate actual service conditions
  • Each test bench is programmable and adaptable to validate custom test cycles, environmental, frictional and thermal simulations
  • Expertise to conduct engine test bed validation, fleet validation and system performance test for belts and tensioners

Program management is at the core of driving projects across all product families for JKF Americas. A customized PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) application has been developed and is practiced to achieve the program timelines with systemized stage reviews.

  • APQP (Advanced Product Quality Process) is customized across all product families through PLM application
  • Role-based access controls and reviews to track multiple project status and change management
  • Adoption of the FuGle (Funnel-Bugle) innovation process model, a product-centric 6-phase project lifecycle system common to multiple business verticals and product families